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Re: Deadhead vs Hippie

#26443 3 years, 5 months ago
A "head" of any sort is a hard-core fan of something, usually a band and often w/ drugs, but not always:

Dead Head
Spread Head
Phish Head
Pot/coke/crack/meth/dope etc. Head
Hop Head (as in beer; hops)
Rubber Head (mountain biker)
Yoga Head
Lead Head (NASCAR, presumably "lead foot" idk)
Bass Head

and so on (I've heard all of these relatively regularly)

A "hippie" is a mythical creation from culture, not unlike cowboys and vikings and benevolent politicians. Although, when accused of being a hippie, I usually agree and quote a bumper sticker my friend had on his guitar case:
"Happy Intelligent Person Pursuing Infinite Enlightenment"
If unable to dance, I'll crawl.
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